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Solution for LOAD DATA INFILE errors on Windows with IIS

Several items that are likely setup incorrectly by default.

First verify you are using the latest thread safe version of php.

in your pnp.ini, verify you have enabled INFILE by uncommenting this line:

mysqli.allow_local_infile = On

(come back to this after everything is running correctly, as it's easier to check without path errors first) For heightened security you can also specify the file you want to allow LOAD DATA INFILE access to, uncomment the next line as well and specify the correct directory.

mysqli.local_infile_directory = "Drive:\path\tmp\assets"

Next verify you have enable INFILE access in your my.ini. You can specify a path or leave it blank to allow all.


Last step!
This is what most matomo on windows users get stuck on. By default, your website is usually running in an IIS AppPool permission setup like it should be. However MySQL runs under NETWORK SERVICE by default. In this case you need to add permissions for NETWORK SERVICE to your  \assets directory like this:

and give it read/write permissions like this:

Once this is done your System Check should be all good assuming you have no other issues to deal with.

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