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How to force Linkedin to update its OG data for a website?

When marketing and sending messages in linkedin you may commonly use your website address, in this case Linkedin actually caches your social media image, description. etc. This is your OG data.

You can go to https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/ and enter your website address to force linkedin to update this data.

You can add the following to your website to display a custom title, url, image, and description. 

<meta property="og:title" content="yourcustomtitle" />
<meta property="og:url" content="https://yourcustomurlforthispage" />
<meta property="og:image" content="https://yourdomain/path/image.webp" />
<meta property="og:description" content="customdescription" />


Thats it, your done.

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