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Chain sharpening instructions for DeWalt DCCS670X1 Chainsaw

  1. For best results use a 4.5 mm file and a file holder or filing guide to sharpen your chain. This will ensure you always get the correct sharpening angles.
  2. Place the file holder flat on the top plate and depth gauge of the cutter.
  3. Figure W- Keep the correct top plate  19  filing angle line of 30° on your file guide parallel with your chain (file at 60° from chain viewed from the side).
  4. Sharpen cutters on one side of the chain first. File from the inside of each cutter to the outside. Then turn your saw around and repeat the processes (2, 3, 4) for cutters on the other side of the chain. NOTE: Use a flat file to file the tops of the rakers (portion of chain link in front of the cutter) so they are about .025" (.635 mm) below the tips of the cutters as shown in Figure X.
  5. Figure Y- Keep all cutter lengths equal.
  6. If damage is present on the chrome surface of the top plates or side plates, file back until such damage is removed.
  7. The raker guide should be filed to .025"(.635mm)

You can use oregon off the shelf bar and chain or dewalt branded ones.

Here are the dewalt branded models:

  • Bar: 16” service part number 90641855 18” service part number N500117
  • Chain: 16” service part number 90618541 18” service part number N500152

Ref: https://hybrisimages.toolcommerce.com/documents/English/Instruction%20Manual/N499324,DCCS670.pdf

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