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Minnesota Roofing Contractor, Review

The roofing on your home is quite an investment not only of your money, but of your time as well in its care and maintenance.  Finding the right roofing contractor with the proper licensing and reputation is critical. There are some very specific things to look for and its not the lowest bid.

  • It is important to be sure that the roofing contractor you hire has a verifiable business license.  
  • Good credentials can be additional indication of the roofer’s knowledge and experience.
  • They should have a physical business address.
  • Ask the roofing contractor for proof of insurance. A reputable company will carry comprehensive liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Another thing to ask for are references. There is nothing wrong with asking for good references of previous customers.
  • Seeing some before and after photos for completed work is also a good idea.
  • Another important thing to look into are warranties. While the materials used on your roof are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, your roofing contractor will offer a workmanship warranty. Ask for details in writing including a copy of the warranties being provided. Be sure that a list of anything that would void the warranties is also included.  
  • Always get a detailed proposal in writing. This proposal should include the cost, length of the project, materials to be used, times the work will begin and end and procedures for cleaning up after the work has been completed as well as a fixed price along with any potential additional fee's such as roof deck replacement for any bad sections.

When I recently had my roof done I choose Ronningen Roofing Inc.

They have been in Rochester, MN and servicing southern Minnesota roofing needs, since 1998.  They also have a high standard not only in quality products but overall workmanship. When they submitted an estimate to a me, it was easy to read and had no hidden changes. They had the best warranties available on materials and workmanship of the contractors I received estimates from. I had lots of questions on options and Eric went above and beyond to answer them, Eric and his team took the time to give accurate information for everything I required. All in all, Eric has a phenomenal team of professionals that I trust and would recommend to anyone looking for a roofing company in Minnesota.

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