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Huge Hiberfil.sys, Lots of Ram, Missing Space, Full Drive - Disable All Hibernate Functions

Lots of Ram in your system but main HDD is using excessive amount of space, Huge Hiberfil.sys, Full SSD / C: Drive

All of these can be caused by the Windows Hibernate feature, you can easily disable this feature and remove the hiberfil.sys file that windows creates by executing the following command from a command line, be sure to use the "run as administrator" option when opening the command prompt.

Problem solved

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  • AJAY

    3/11/2013 3:32:26 AM |

    can i copy hiberfil.sys file to a external usb drive as i require this file for testing purpose. Whenever i try to copy the file i get an error...

    Plz suggest the method to copy this file

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