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Ron Paul has WON even without the GOP's nomination for president in 2012.

First you must understand how the political system really works, then you will see how Paul's inspiration of a whole new generation of voters has netted him a win regardless of media bias and the continued war propaganda. In the end its about the people, how many of them hear the message and how well it resonates with them.

If you have ever been to a Ron Paul speech you know what I'm talking about.

This generations new voters are much different than new voters have ever been in the past. What has motivated them you ask?

Simply put, they don't see the promise of the American Dream ever coming true for them. With out of control inflation, huge school loan debts, so many fighting for the little number of good job openings, lies in politics and government has put them in a position where they are looking for something honest and consistent. Ron Paul has filled this need for many new voters. A generation lost in the propaganda of it all.

These new voters are comprised of highly motivated individuals that are dedicated and willing to put forth the effort needed to make major changes in government and our political system. The see hope in the message and look forward to a better United States. With tens of thousands of new voters turning out to hear him speak about:

  • Freedom
  • Sound monetary system
  • Undeclared wars
  • Personal rights
  • Less tax and spending by the federal government
  • Returning rights back the people and states
  • Smaller federal government
  • NDAA (gives the president the ability to assassinate US citizens as well as detain and hold them indefinitely without legal representation for any reason)
  • The Constitution

The odds are looking pretty good for the revolution.

In the coming years all of these young voters that are turning out to support him will be the people making a change for the better in our government and the political system that so desperately needs a change.

Ron Paul has started a revolution in the minds of many igniting a burning desire to change things for the better here in the United States where the "Golden Rule" will no longer be booed, people can make decision for themselves and the constitution is once again the rule of law in this great land we call home.

In the end Ron Paul is going to win and neither the GOP, DNC nor the general establishment can do anything about what he has started this year. 2012 will be the end of an era. I look forward to what is next, an era of peace, prosperity, technological advancement, but most importantly an open minded society where people have the right and freedom to live as they please as long as they do no harm to another.

You have outsmarted the establishment in so many ways.

Well done Dr. Ron Paul and Congratulations on your victory.

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