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MSNBC Photoshop'ed NH results in order to skew public perception - More Media Propaganda

When you go to msnbc.com politics section you see a page like this where it appears they are hovering over "Rye" county:

Take note of the position of "Rye" county and the current incorrect number of delegates.

After clicking on the map it takes you to this page:


If you hover over "Rye" county the image looks like this:


As you can see Rye county is at the bottom of the map and the front page image was photoshop'ed in order to show the county with the highest Romney % and the lowest Ron Paul % at the top.

The point here is to show you just one of many ways the media can skew public perception by taking cherry picked misleading data and placing it front and center instead of using one of the counties at that position.

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