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What is a Revenue Marketer or Revenue Marketing Specialist?

To understand what a Revenue Marketer is you must first understand Revenue Marketing.

Revenue Marketing is the combination of marketing in conjunction with lead generation, sales data and churn to provide a more optimized conversion and retention process for lead generation with constant marketing optimizations facilitated by dynamic content lead data. An efficient revenue marketing system will take into consideration lead and sales data on the fly in real-time in order to optimize the current marketing tactics.

An example of this for online show would be as follows:

  • Viewer is watching a show and is shown a short video about a new car
  • The viewer then clicks on the ad and clicks on a page about performance
  • After looking through the car performance info the viewer goes back to watching the show
  • During the next ad sequence the viewer is shown a more detailed video about performance based on the page they looked at on the first ad sequence, the linked page has a video related to the cars performance and more details about car performance vs. competitors.
  • The viewer then calls the custom 800 number on the page and gives his information in order to make a purchase or find a local dealer. This data is retained and provided to the marketing department in order to optimize future lead generation patterns.

In some cases Revenue Marketing continues past the initial sale and into customer retention.

Marketing after the sale

In many businesses it is necessary to continue marketing to customers for additional services, for cars this might be accessories, oil changes, regular maintenance and more. If the marketing tactics used while communicating with these clients and the outcome of it are shared with the marketing team they can optimize their marketing based on what works and does not work. 

In other words "Revenue Marketing" is a catch phrase or buzz word for "dynamic marketing strategies" which have been around for decades and in use by many large companies and business owners worldwide.

Revenue Marketer

If you're still wondering what a self proclaimed "Revenue Marketer" is, they are in essence someone who "may" and should use lead, sales and retention data to optimize marketing campaigns. They also prefer to identify themselves with a buzz word for this very old but effective marketing strategy. Be cautious when working with a marketing professional that identifies themselves as a "Revenue Marketer" as they may lack overall marketing experience.

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