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How to recover serveradmin access of teamspeak3/ts3 server after system reload.

This works but you should still stop and backup your ts3 server.

After you backup is complete follow these steps.

While ts3 server is stopped start the server using this command: (assuming you are running 64 bit server on windows)

(Drive):\Path\ts3server_win64.exe serveradmin_password=YourNewPassWord

(You can do this by making a shortcut and editing the target location as well)

Now you have an updated TS3 admin password, with this you can create a new privileged key.

Using puttytel.exe or any other telnet client to type the following commands:

(localhost if your server is hosted on the pc/server you are running telnet on, otherwise just use the ip or server name)

After the last command the server will respond with a token=YourNumbersAndLettersToeknID

Copy this and past it into your TS3 client under permissions > use privileged key.

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  • Bob

    12/27/2012 6:10:51 PM |

    The guide is simple and too the point,

    Instead of rating it down, it would be very helpfull if people commented to the author that he needs to include a few enters. So that his code reads as written below. I would like to point out that this also works perfectly on a linux box.  This guide can also be used if you still have the serveradmin password but you've lost your identity due to a hardware crash. Just use below procedure with your 'current' password.

    > First telnet to the server:
    $ telnet localhost 10011

    > Then enter the following commands (Each line requires an seperate line, cannot be put on 1 line).
    login client_login_name=serveradmin client_login_password=YourNewPassWord
    use sid=1
    tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0

  • wanted31

    5/31/2013 10:31:34 AM |


  • tj

    12/24/2013 1:22:38 AM |

    i have tried this and other forum posts.
    i think this is where i should ask this...

    ok i started the server, i have the name and password and the long privilege key.
    i started the teamspeak client with no problem.
    i was admin for a few minutes, but somehow i lost the privilege/permission.
    i logged out, i guess i didnt promote myself or something?
    anyway, every time i log in, it keeps asking for my privilege key. when i put it in, it says, it has already been used, you can only use it once. but if i hit ok, or cancel, then i can just come into my teamspeak room, but i dont have any permissions, i think i'm mainly a guest now.
    i went to another teamspeak room, asked someone to help me, to see if he seen the same message. we both came back to this ip address to my ts3 server, and me and him BOTH seen the message, please put in your privilege key.

    i have putty, and i can get in, sometimes on 10011 and sometimes on 9987.
    when i'm there, i can type help and get a long list of things.
    do i need to set myself as admin here, and it will automatically make me admin again?
    or do i need to create a new privilege key and type it in when i log back into the ts3, and then promote myself?
    if so, please tell me how, because i'm copying everything you guys tell me,and i get errors, like
    if i try to add a new token, and type out

    tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0 tokendescriptoin=Test

    then i hit enter for the next line, i get an error:

    error id=1024 msg=invalid\sserverID

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