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How to setup FTP services on CentOS to work with webmin

First things first, make sure you are up to date on all of your packages,

yum update -y

Now you should install the FTP module

yum install vsftpd -y

Start the service

service vstfpd start

Now you will need to install Perl for the webmin qui to manage vsftpd

yum install perl -y (this is most likely already installed)

yum install perl-CPAN -y

yum install perl-CGI -y

Install the vftpd module for webmin

login, go to webmin, Webmin configuration, Webmin modules, from URL and enter: http://blog.shawnhyde.com/FILES%2f2013%2f12%2fvsftpd-2009-04-30-1755.wbm.gz.axdx

refresh webmin, go to services and vsftpd to configure it.


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