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How to boot from a USB Drive (flash drive or external storage)

Toss in any bootable CD/DVD Rom along with your usb drive and type the following command:

xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f g:\

This is assuming "e" is your rom drive on the computer you are creating the bootable usb drive and "g" is your usb drive. Update as needed.


  • Remove any third party software from the usb drive. (make a copy if you think you will want to put it back on later)
  • You should format the usb drive in fat32.
  • Be sure your usb drive has enough space on it to accept the data.
  • The system you are going to be using the usb drive to boot from will need the option to boot from usb in the bios, some older systems do not support this feature and you will need to create a boot loader to do this instead.

Method #2, older bios updates

  • format your usb drive as fat32
  • copy the following win 95/98 boot files to the drive(be sure not to include any memory loaders)
    • IO.SYS
  • copy your bios files
  • update as instructed by your motherboard, hardware controller manufacture

boot.zip (200.94 kb)

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