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If one of my guides, tips, tools or articles helped you out and you would like to donate please consider the following projects I'm currently working on.

Current Projects

2000 through 2019, The 0spam Project ∙ https://0spam.org (mirror: https://0spam.fusionzero.com)

This project is a free self learning antispam system with dns based lookups which allows compatibility with most email servers via the dnsbl query functions. By integrating with dnsbl functions email service providers don't need to spend money on custom integrations and antispam filtering software or services. The next step to the project will create self learning content filtering based on usage, flagged user email submissions and a spam url parsing.

Currently the project is funded by the optional abuse notification service for service providers and a few larger providers with custom reporting needs.


When you donate it allows me to spend more time on the project(s).

Thank you!

Shawn Hyde



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