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How to make a USB bootable from an ISO image.

Microsoft provides a tool to do this,

 Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe (946.78 kb)

Simply run this program and follow the four step instructions to create your bootable USB drive.


or you can do the following;

open command prompt and type diskpart, list disk, select disk #, clean, create partition primary, active, format fs=fat32 quick and your done.

Now you only need to copy the contents of your bootable dvd over or use winrar to extract the files from the iso image to your usb drive.

Remote Desktop from Windows 7 to CentOS using Xrdp

Install Xrdp on CentOS 5.4


  • yum install make.x86_64
  • yum install gcc.x86_64
  • yum install pam-devel.x86_64
  • yum install openssl-devel.x86_64
  • Download Xrdp
    • xrdp-0.4.1
  • Install Xrdp
    • go to /xrdp directory in terminal
    • make
    • make install
  • Start Service
    • cd /usr/local/xrdp
    • ./xrdp_control.sh start

Install the old version of Microsoft RDP on a windows XP system or just search and copy from any pre SP3 windows xp install these two files and place them in a folder.

  • mstsc.exe
  • mstscax.dll

launch mstsc.exe and connect to your Xrdp server.