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This is caused because the 3dM2 app is using a very outdated TLS 1.0 protocol.

To solve this you need to enable TLS 1.0 while accessing the local 3DM2 web GUI. You should change this back as it presents a large security risk as TLS 1.0 is easily exploited.

To enable TLS 1.0 while using 3DM2 go to "Internet Options" (Internet Properties on newer Windows OS), under advanced check the box for "Use TLS 1.0" then click apply. It's advisable to keep this window open so you remember to disable TLS 1.0 after you are done.

With Use TLS 1.0 checked you should now be able to access the 3DM2 web GUI for your 3ware raid cards using Internet Explorer mode in edge.

Then click more information and go on to the webpage

That's it, you're done.


Don't forget to turn off TLS 1.0 when you're done.

Quick Tip: if you've just installed 3DM2 and don't know your password it's 3ware, be sure to change it.

How to run Syncthing as a windows service, with a tray icon on login

First you will need to download the latest official syncthing application from github here:


Lets make syncthing run as a service on startup.

Make sure you set a Syncthing GUI password to prevent other users from potentially accessing the console giving them full access to all files. 

Install nssm or another service wrapper. (instructions for nssm to follow)


copy the nssm.exe to the same folder as your syncthing.exe, for added security you can rename nssm.exe to something else.

Using nssm, you can open a command prompt and enter the following command:

cd [path to nssm.exe]

then run

You can replace SyncThingServiceName with whatever name you want to use for your service.
Replace {path} with the actual path to the exe.

nssm install SyncThingServiceName binPath= "{path}\syncthin.exe" start= delayed-auto

It should be setup like this:

on the details tab set the startup type to delayed start.

for the login on tab, in most cases you can leave this as the local system account unless you do not use a GUI password, in which case you will need to setup a specific user account that does not have elevated privileges to prevent a security breach.

!Critical, to prevent data loss or file corruption you need to set the shutdown timeout to 10,000ms. It should look like this:

Exit actions:

If you would like to set error logging or other settings you can do so now.

Click Install Service: 

Next, you need to set a few more final settings to handle upgrades, restarts and unexpected exits correctly. In a command promp enter the following commands:

nssm set SyncThingServiceName AppExit Default Exit
nssm set SyncThingServiceName AppExit 0 Exit
nssm set SyncThingServiceName AppExit 3 Restart
nssm set SyncThingServiceName AppExit 4 Restart

Don't forget to start the service or restart your system.

Finally, in order to add the tray icon, use the syncthingtray application from github here:

If using the full installer, you should start syncthing before running the installer in order to force it to use the latest version instead of the bundled version included with the package.

Use the first option during the setup and follow the guide.

In some cases the tray icon may not be able to connect because it's using the default path. After you restart, open the tray icon settings here:

Then under "connection" click here:

apply and it should connect.

Thats it, you're done.

IDXSite takes the cake for Top-tier Real Estate IDX Website Services & Value

In the diverse and dynamic realm of real estate, having a robust online presence is indispensable to building your network and maintaining a professional brand image. As real estate professionals ardently seek cutting-edge solutions to establish their digital footprint, IDX Site (IDXSite.com) emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering streamlined, DIY solutions tailored to agents, teams, and brokerages. This post delves deep into IDX Site’s offerings, evaluating its packages, features, and overall value proposition in the real estate industry.

A Brief Overview

IDX Site specializes in delivering a DIY solution designed for real estate agents aspiring to take their real estate business to the next level and launch an IDX website swiftly and efficiently. Positioned as the industry's best price-to-value offering, IDX Site provides three distinctive packages: Agent IDX ($59/month), Team IDX ($79/month), and Brokerage IDX ($99/month). These packages are meticulously crafted to cater to individual agents, emerging teams, and established brokerages, respectively.


All three packages from IDX Site are enriched with a plethora of features and tools, promising a seamless user experience, including:

  • Fully Featured IDX Site: Allows your buyers and sellers to utilize simple and advanced search tools while promoting your listings and staying connected with your clients.
  • SEO Marketing Tools: Empowering agents to optimize their sites and enhance visibility in search engine results quickly and effectively.
  • CRM with Instant Notifications: Real-time alerts enable buyers to receive notifications immediately as new listing matching their criteria hit the market.
  • Lead Management: For teams you can quickly setup lead management in a schedule, round-robin as well as set Cc/Bcc for office managers with remember my agent functions and each agent maintains their own list of clients with import/export tools.
  • Customer Manager: Quickly add, edit or modify buyers in sellers. With ability to make notes, and setup highly customizable instant notifications that are fully branded to your website instead of sending buyers to your MLS's portal. 
  • Simple Content Editor: A simple yet dynamic editor for creating and managing compelling content to drive traffic to your website while maintaining professionalism.
  • Blogging: create and manage blogs with full live listing integration capabilities well beyond what other IDX providers using 3rd party API's can provide.
  • Simple Content Editor: Quickly and effectively add, update and manage your website content in a simple and easy to use editor.
  • Advanced Code Editor: For advanced users or users with marketing or developer partners, you can step beyond simple editing and create or modify functionality to meet your needs.
  • Analytics Integration: Providing insights, see user engagement, listing views and more.
  • Additional Tools: Testimonials manager, Drip Campaign, Newsletter builder, Social Media Automation, Virtual Tours Manager, Remote virtual tours & Video Meetings tool, Area Editor, Maps manager to quickly set searchable areas, print tool to quickly print marketing materials, User manager for owners or office management, and Calander management.

Additionally, the IDX website packages offer varying numbers of email accounts @yourwebsite, with Agent IDX including one, Team IDX offering up to six, and Brokerage IDX providing eight. Extra email accounts can be acquired for $4/month.

  1. Agent IDX: A practical and effective solution, particularly popular among agents starting in the business. This package is scalable and customizable to adapt to growing market needs.

  2. Team IDX: Ideal for real estate teams seeking to unify their website and marketing strategies. It is designed to augment property sales with reduced effort.

  3. Brokerage IDX: Tailored for brokerages with intricate requirements, this solution combines a plethora of tools, including CRM with lead management, agent onboarding, brand building, blogging, social media automation, and SEO & marketing tools.

Getting Started Process

IDX Site prides itself on its user-friendly interface, allowing users to get started in approximately ten minutes. The customization of a theme is a straightforward process, requiring users to have their logo, slogan, and color preferences at the ready. Post-sign-up, the MLS data is typically live within 24-72 hours, contingent upon MLS approval. During this time, you can start adding content and making additional content modifications.

Performance, Blazing Fast Page Loads

IDX Site prioritizes performance, offering extremely fast page speeds and utilizing the most modern optimizations to improve asset loading, providing an optimal experience for end-users.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Confident in their offerings, IDX Site extends a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, reflecting their commitment to delivering unparalleled value and service.


IDX Site stands out as a revolutionary platform in the real estate landscape, delivering exceptional value through its diverse packages and feature-rich offerings. The platform's emphasis on user-friendly experiences, coupled with its commitment to high performance and satisfaction, positions it as a go-to solution for real estate professionals seeking to elevate their online presence and market reach.

Whether you're an individual agent, a burgeoning real estate team, or an established brokerage, IDX Site’s comprehensive solutions are designed to propel you towards unparalleled digital success in the real estate market.

NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED with Let's Encrypt R3 and other SSL providers

When adding, updating or replacing an SSL certificate you encounter the error "NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED"

This is most common with LetsEncrypt SSL as they seem to be overutilizing resources.

The issue happens when the LetsEncrypt servers are behind on pushing transparency proof logs and google chrome caches the cert info before those logs are in place. In most cases this will resolve itself within 5 minutes or so but may require you to close the browser and reopen it or even clear the cache on the affected browser. In some cases it can take much longer and may even require a reissue of the cert.