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Recover from improper run level on minimal linux install, hangs during boot: fix

In a minimal CentOS for example, if you set the run level to 5 the system will hand during boot. This is because no GUI is installed. In order to fix this you can insert the CentOS minimal installation media and select recovery.

Once in recovery you will need to mount the system image:

chroot /mnt/sysimage

now edit the startup config

vi /etc/inittab

select [insert] to edit the file and update the line to read as follows:


[esc] key then


now reboot the system


now select reboot and the system should come back up in run level 3

How to get your business listed on the front page of Google for free

New Telemarketing scam for Google Bing Yahoo prompted me to write this quick blurb.

Prerecorded voice stating something like this:

We have an opening for first page placement in Google, this is a rare opportunity available today only so if you would like to take advantage if this press 1 now


You can easily get listed on Google by using adwords for a fee or by using the Google local listing service to add your business, which is free.

How to see if a sender is being spoofed in outlook: helping to prevent fraud and malware

Many times you may receive emails in Outlook that are pretending to be someone they are not, even sometimes they may appear to be coming from yourself.

Simple and effective way to see who the sender of each email really is,

  1. Click on the window where you view incoming emails, then click "view", "add columns"
  2. Now click "New Column" and name it something like "Sender"
  3. Change the Type to "Formula", click "edit" and enter the following: 
    or right([SearchFromEmail],len([SearchFromEmail])-InStr(1,[SearchFromEmail],"@")) to show just the domain.