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Santorum, the anti-freedom candidate.

Before you get unhinged with responses, watch this C-Span video where the Santorum’s talk to Cafemom's "Moms Matter 2012".


At approximately 39 minutes in Rick Santorum makes note of “X-rated commercials” that come up while him and his wife watch TV and instead of using their "freedom of choice" to watch another station, program or movie he goes on to suggests that the station should be forced to comply with certain programming which would essentially be violating the constriction. He also makes reference to Hollywood movies.

Earlier in the interview he suggests public healthcare should be provided to children with disabilities rather than parents taking responsibility for it. In many cases this would involve taking money in the form of taxes from those that choose to live a healthy life style by eating organic healthy foods, have a household without harsh chemicals and cleaners, don't drink or smoke. The rationality used here can only lead to a community that cares less about them because they will come to rely on a communist like government to care for them. That is not American and it is not our future.

And prior to that he goes on to claim that he is the only candidate to advocate for "improved national defense" when in fact he is the only one to advocate for increasing overseas military spends only.

*these statements are based on my interpretation of the interview linked above and in no way are meant to state Santorums opinions. Please watch the interview and feel free to comment and express your own conclusions.

Make a difference, do your research and go vote.

MSNBC Photoshop'ed NH results in order to skew public perception - More Media Propaganda

When you go to msnbc.com politics section you see a page like this where it appears they are hovering over "Rye" county:

Take note of the position of "Rye" county and the current incorrect number of delegates.

After clicking on the map it takes you to this page:


If you hover over "Rye" county the image looks like this:


As you can see Rye county is at the bottom of the map and the front page image was photoshop'ed in order to show the county with the highest Romney % and the lowest Ron Paul % at the top.

The point here is to show you just one of many ways the media can skew public perception by taking cherry picked misleading data and placing it front and center instead of using one of the counties at that position.

Iowa GOP playing favorites? Election Fraud and Fixed Numbers.

Many people are starting to question the Iowa GOP Caucus after several "errors" in the vote counts have come to light, yet the real question here is how many errors have not come to light?

Results by District:


also attached (113.84 kb) in case it's removed at some point.

When you look at the results some districts like "Appanoose - Union" (total population 152) come into question with 32 of the total population supposedly showing up and voting for Santorum. Not unbeliveable but made questionable considering the other vote count "errors". With smaller precincts what is to prevent people from reporting false numbers at the locations?

Consider this, Santorum was behind Paul and Romney by nearly 1500 votes until the last 22% of precincts reporting.


Also notable is the clear FEC violation on the iagop.org site:


Registrant Name:Chad Olsen
Registrant Organization:Iowa Republican Party
Registrant Street1:621 E 9th St.
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Des Moines
Registrant State/Province:Iowa
Registrant Postal Code:50309
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.15152828105


Registrant ID:CR37571041
Registrant Name:Gary Conner
Registrant Street1:7102 Mardyke Lane
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Indianapolis
Registrant State/Province:Indiana
Registrant Postal Code:46226
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.3175474679

note the page title on the iagop.org site.


Free energy concept, wave power. Perpetual motion/Energy facts.

We all know that you cannot produce more energy than you consume. Energy cannot be created nor removed it can only change form. However you can use a process which takes more energy from external sources than what it takes to create it.

You cannot have perpetual energy without harnessing an existing energy and changing it's form where as that form will naturally change back to the initial form. and you must also use less energy to change its form than what is produced by the change.

The closest example os such a process is by use of HHO, Splitting H2O into HHO then burning it to create the energy. When HHO is burned it produces H2O however it takes more energy to split H2O into HHO then what is created while burning it. If you could find a way to improve the process of splitting H2O into HHO then you would have a free energy process. However, this cannot be done because energy cannot be created or removed it can only change form so you are left with one option, harness energy from an existing source.

Luckily we have several sources of existing energy. The largest is the sun, which puts off energy in many forms which can be harnessed. Waves, Wind and Solar.. in order of availability. Some will say that solar or wind will have more energy however, the fact is that 70% of our planet is water and therefore it absorbs 70% of the energy from the sun to our planet surface (excluding atmosphere of course).

The following is a process in which you can use to create energy from waves:

5% of the world’s waves can power the entire planet with the use of a simple buoy tethered to the bottom of a water mass. Each wave will exert vertical force on the buoy and tether. If the force on the tether is harnessed in to form of a piston, crank or geared motor you can transfer the force of the energy from the wave into usable electricity.

A simple diagram shows the basic method for this.