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Free energy concept, wave power. Perpetual motion/Energy facts.

We all know that you cannot produce more energy than you consume. Energy cannot be created nor removed it can only change form. However you can use a process which takes more energy from external sources than what it takes to create it.

You cannot have perpetual energy without harnessing an existing energy and changing it's form where as that form will naturally change back to the initial form. and you must also use less energy to change its form than what is produced by the change.

The closest example os such a process is by use of HHO, Splitting H2O into HHO then burning it to create the energy. When HHO is burned it produces H2O however it takes more energy to split H2O into HHO then what is created while burning it. If you could find a way to improve the process of splitting H2O into HHO then you would have a free energy process. However, this cannot be done because energy cannot be created or removed it can only change form so you are left with one option, harness energy from an existing source.

Luckily we have several sources of existing energy. The largest is the sun, which puts off energy in many forms which can be harnessed. Waves, Wind and Solar.. in order of availability. Some will say that solar or wind will have more energy however, the fact is that 70% of our planet is water and therefore it absorbs 70% of the energy from the sun to our planet surface (excluding atmosphere of course).

The following is a process in which you can use to create energy from waves:

5% of the world’s waves can power the entire planet with the use of a simple buoy tethered to the bottom of a water mass. Each wave will exert vertical force on the buoy and tether. If the force on the tether is harnessed in to form of a piston, crank or geared motor you can transfer the force of the energy from the wave into usable electricity.

A simple diagram shows the basic method for this.

Adding Banner ads to Community Server - Simple Javascript

Here is an example of a simple Javascript you can use to add banner ads in Community Server: 

Driving Traffic to your Business Site

I've recently put together a Minnesota small business community site where small business owners can write articles that feature their own business, communicate with other business owners in Minnesota and develop long lasting partnerships. My goal for this site is to help Minnesota businesses grow and strive in todays economy because a healthy Minnesota business economy is good for everyone.

Here's a list of a few benefits this site offers to business owners and their businesses.

  • Put your business in the spotlight with media articles for sales, new products, new services, employee changes, management change, grand opening, new look, special events, company meetings or just about anything that highlights your company because the more links and news featuring your business and site the more clients will be driven to you.
  • Communication with other business owners in Minnesota will help you to forge long lasting and profitable relationships with other businesses. Working with other business owners will provide you and them with increased customer traffic over your competition.
  • Drive traffic to your site by creating articles and posts on this community site, every link from another site is like a vote for your site to the search engines and the more votes the higher your site is valued. Google calls this "Page Rank" and is the first search engine to implement this sort of rating system. 
  • An image is worth a thousand words and so is your business. What I mean by this is posting a few photos of you business, staff and products in the gallery section can go a long ways in showing what you do. You can even do things like post coupons and fliers in the downloads section.

Eventually I'll be adding other things to this site like a free classifieds section, community calendar and more. Right now the site already features some pretty cool stuff like local news, open discussion forums for all of Minnesota, free personal galleries to upload photos for your business, free file uploads for the community, and your own personal blog/news section.

To get going with http://downtown.mn all you need to do is click the "join" link at the http://downtown.mn site.

Good luck with your business ventures and remember good communication is the key to success.

Setting up Outlook to pull spam folders from your email hosting server

Open Outlook, Tool, Account Settings, New,

Select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP"


Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types,


Select "Internet Email"

Enter your name, email address

Select "IMAP"

Enter your incoming and outgoing mail server information. This will generally be mail.TheLastPartOfYourEmailAddress after the @ symbol.

enter your username. The should be the first part of your email address before the @symbol

enter your password.

click "More Settings"

click "Outgoing Server"

Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"

Click "Advanced"

Verify that your mail server ports are set correctly, if using SSL, TLS, etc

Click OK, Next, Finish, close


Now on the left side you will see a new folder, right click on this folder and select "IMAP Folders" then "Query"

Select "Bulk", "Spam" and click Subscribe, Apply and OK

Now you should be able to search your bulk and spam folders via outlook.