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What is SOPA?

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Join Google and many others to take action against this power grab by the government:



Section 102.a

1) the Internet site or portion thereof is a U.S.-directed site and is used by users in the United States;

2) the owner or operator of such Internet site is committing or facilitating the commission of criminal violations punishable under section 2318, 2319, 2319A, 2319B, or 2320, or chapter 90, of title 18, United States Code

  • Section 2318 would allow the government to take away your website if you had any copyrighted content, such as information on wikapedia, an image that you were unaware was copyrighted, video from a news cast, etc...

3) the Internet site would, by reason of acts described in paragraph (1), be subject to seizure in the United States in an action brought by the Attorney General if such site were a domestic Internet site.


My request to my Representatives:

I own a local ISP, Hosting and Design studio and I’ve been a small business owner since 1998, the provisions that SOPA and PIPA would implement would most likely put mine and others like it out of business.

These are very dangerous bills with heavy financial consequences that would end up making us, the services providers, police end user content on anything from blog comments to forum posts or suffer the consequences of these bills. The staff and resources needed to police this would be astronomical and possibly not even feasible by the largest of corporations which would lead to a total lockdown of the internet and loss free speech.

Please do everything you can to stop SOPA and PIPA.


The Roots of Freedom in the United States of America

The USA is not communist, our founders started this country based on certain views with freedom at the heart of those principles and under communist control you do not have freedom. Those that want to live in a communist controlled society have plenty of choices to do so around the world and those that want to live in a free society can seek citizenship here in the USA. It's a choice, changing our founding principles is not.

Welcome to the United States of America!