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Completed Mobile Website for Stephen Moskowitz

Type: Mobile
Detection: css media & cookie
Display Type: Dynamic

This was an addition to an already existing site I revamped earlier this year. This mobile version was developed for ease of use and maximum compatibility for mobile/smartphones. It supports backwards readability for users that wish to view the full version with a session based cookie.

Best New MMO-RPG Coming to market in 2012 | ArcheAge Pre-Release Review

One game is by far the best concept oriented mmorpgs to date from it's artwork and scenery to its game-play and realism it offers what no other game developer has been able to thus far. By no means can you take a quick look at this game and not be drawn in for more, every aspect of it is oozing with innovation and inspiration.

Yes, I'm talking about ArcheAge... a new Korean MMO due out in late 2012.

You can check out the media section for ArcheAge here: http://www.archeage.com/en/pds/media

Beta testing has started for Korean players only at this time but plans to bring it to the US market are underway.

Completed remodel of site for Moskowitz LLP

Moskowitz LLP, Tax AttorneysType: Website
Revision: 3.5

This site was a redevelopment.

This new layout was developed to incorporate the latest white hat SEO technologies and provide Moskowitz LLP with better results for local, national and international searches in order to better target potential clients.