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Steps, How to become a successful Real Estate Agent, Buying and Selling a Home

I recently spent some time looking into what makes a good Real Estate agent. I was able to gather some good ideas as well as add quite a few of my own. Here are my notes for new and existing Real Estate agents that will help them to provide a better service to the client:

  • Get Client
    • First decide on an Area where you would like to sell homes
    • Hit the pavement, talk to everyone in that area so when they are ready they will list with you
    • Aggressively contact other sellers expired listings
    • USAA
    • Many people who go to open house are looking for a good agent
    • Maintain good relationship with previous clients
    • Offer something of value for free to potential home sellers
    • Ask for referrals from satisfied clients
    • Find a charity benefiting a cause close to your heart and offer to make a donation for any transaction where the client mentions the charity
    • Find a niche and tailor to it
    • Hold a seminar teaching the basics of being a landlord and encourage investors to buy homes through you
    • Put out a weekly newsletter(s) with valuable information to home buyer groups such as; new home owners, landlords, people moving to the area
    • Talk with contractors in your area and establish a client exchange
    • Hand out your business card to EVERYONE
    • Hire an Internet Marketing Specialist(like myself) to properly design and optimize your website(SEO) for potential clients
    • Ads
      • Geo-Target potential clients using Adwords, Facebook, and other online display networks
      • Offer to place Ads on popular local bloggers and photographer websites.
    • Send out business card and a letter to everyone you know telling them you are now in real estate and you would be happy to help them with any home transactions
    • Start a blog or YouTube channel with daily/weekly tips
    • Review what is working and what is not each month/year and adjust to be more efficient with your time and resources
  • Sell House
    • Be Available whenever the client wants, you work on their time not yours
    • When showing homes first ask lots of questions, only show them homes that match them first, move on to additional homes and then offer to revisit homes that they seemed to like the most
    • Send out fliers to people in the same neighborhood that the homes is for sale in
    • Ads
      • Include “Text for more info” in your signage, fliers and mailers
      • Google Adwords, geo specific
    • Advertise in your city's welcome packet sent to people who move to the area
    • Include new listings in a newsletter for home seekers
    • USE PHOTOS in your MLS listings, so many listings in the MLS do not have photos or if they do they are either bad quality or not of the things home buyers want to see.
    • Give the homeowner a guide to help them sell a home, things to do like, clean the windows, use brighter lights, paint, add a bird feeder, etc
  • See Step 1.

I am not a Real Estate Agent; I am an Internet Marketing Specialist and Developer. I can create unique profitable internet marketing strategy and online presence for you and your business. If you're in Real Estate and are looking for a profitable internet marketing strategy please give me a call: 507 536-9556

How to recover serveradmin access of teamspeak3/ts3 server after system reload.

This works but you should still stop and backup your ts3 server.

After you backup is complete follow these steps.

While ts3 server is stopped start the server using this command: (assuming you are running 64 bit server on windows)

(Drive):\Path\ts3server_win64.exe serveradmin_password=YourNewPassWord

(You can do this by making a shortcut and editing the target location as well)

Now you have an updated TS3 admin password, with this you can create a new privileged key.

Using puttytel.exe or any other telnet client to type the following commands:

(localhost if your server is hosted on the pc/server you are running telnet on, otherwise just use the ip or server name)

After the last command the server will respond with a token=YourNumbersAndLettersToeknID

Copy this and past it into your TS3 client under permissions > use privileged key.

How to create a basic asp.net contact form in vb.net

First thing you will need to do is specify the scripting language, content type and endcoding type in a page element. Language will be visual Basic, content Type will be text/html and ecoding will be UTF-8

Next you will want to specify the doctype, this will tell the browser exactly what type of HTML you are using in the page. We'll be using the following DTD HTML doc type.

Now we need to import the System.Web.Mail asp.net namespace for use with our basic contact form

Now that the page basics are setup we need to write some script that will handle the information browsers will provide when visiting your page. First you need to write the server side script call. Then include a runat="server" verable which will tell the server to run it locally on the server side so the browser cannot view the information. This is done to prevent souce view bots from gaining email address information in your contact form.

Server side code

then you need to end the runat=server code


add standard HTML elements

Now the form, form fields and content



You may want to add some validation to the above code in order to prevent bots from filling out your contact form.

Finally closing of page HTML elements

How to use Internet Explorers built in FTP Client with Active FTP

Open Internet Explorer, click tools > Internet options > Advanced > scroll down until you see "Use Passive FTP" and verify that this is unchecked.

This will force Internet Explorer to use Active FTP rather than Passive FTP.

Now type in ftp://_yourdomain .com_ in the address bar, when prompted enter the login credentials: your_username and then Your_Password after which depending on your version of Internet explorer you may need to perform the following steps; click view > Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer and reenter your login credentials. Now you can drag, drop and edit files as needed from windows explorer.