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This is caused because the 3dM2 app is using a very outdated TLS 1.0 protocol.

To solve this you need to enable TLS 1.0 while accessing the local 3DM2 web GUI. You should change this back as it presents a large security risk as TLS 1.0 is easily exploited.

To enable TLS 1.0 while using 3DM2 go to "Internet Options" (Internet Properties on newer Windows OS), under advanced check the box for "Use TLS 1.0" then click apply. It's advisable to keep this window open so you remember to disable TLS 1.0 after you are done.

With Use TLS 1.0 checked you should now be able to access the 3DM2 web GUI for your 3ware raid cards using Internet Explorer mode in edge.

Then click more information and go on to the webpage

That's it, you're done.


Don't forget to turn off TLS 1.0 when you're done.

Quick Tip: if you've just installed 3DM2 and don't know your password it's 3ware, be sure to change it.

3DM2 http://localhost:888 can't connect with Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc

This error is caused by the fact that 3DM2 has a Vulnerability which was patched with the following windows updates:



You can download the non official patch for 3DM2 here:


If for some reason you cannot download from the lsi ftp you can download it from here:

3dm2_kb16625.zip (7.27 mb)


Steps to fix:

  1. Download the zip
  2. Stop the 3DM2 Service
  3. Replace the 3DM2 file from the corisponding platform directory within the zip
  4. start the service

Thats it, you should now have access to the http://localhost:888 3DM2 web management interface


As per request here are the 3ware 9750 whql drivers and 3dm2 installer:

3ware-9750-whql.zip (3.12 mb)

3DM2_CLI-Win_10-2-2-1_9-5-5-1.zip (81.52mb)

F6 drivers:

9750-24i4e.zip (61.38 kb)