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.pdf files hosted on IIS 7.5 lock up when downloading in firefox

This issue now has a hotfix however, if you don't want to take a performance hit that this hotfix causes then you can simply do the following to solve the problem with pdf files and IIS 7.5

  1. Open "IIS Manager" on your server
  2. Select your service instace
  3. Select "MIME Types" under IIS
  4. Select ".pdf" then click "edit"
  5. Chenge the MIME type from "application/pdf" to "application/octet-stream"

This will cause the web server to treat the file as a download instead of a pdf application. From IE8 pdf files will open as normal, in firefox it will first download the file in full then open it.

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  • Shawn Hyde

    4/26/2012 5:45:15 PM |

    This issue has been fixed by recent updates and in most cases you should roll back these settings for a properly working server or host address.

  • mahesh

    6/28/2012 1:47:54 PM |

    Hi Shawn,

    Updating the IIS will resolve the issue  ?


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